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EdPolicy Leaders Online: Meet Shelly Larson

• Sarah Bishop-Root

We are pleased to introduce Shelly Larson, EdPolicy Leaders Online’s latest featured participant. Shelly recently completed Data Privacy? Get Schooled!, one of ExcelinEd’s three free, self-paced online courses available for policymakers.

Shelly LarsonShelly has been in the education field for over 30 years. Her experience ranges from being a classroom teacher and athletic coach to being a school and district administrator in both K-12 and college sectors. She is currently an Educational Specialist with the Hawaii Department of Education, focused on student information privacy policy and training. She also works in the fitness industry as a personal training and nutrition coach and group exercise instructor.

We asked Shelly:

Why are you passionate about education reform?
I’ve been involved in K-12 and for-profit-college turnarounds, and I have learned that the most important piece in each of these has been attention to compliance by making the concept understandable for staff, students and their families. Doing the right thing doesn’t have to be hard.

Why did you enroll in EdPolicy Leaders Online?  
To stay up to date on all policy changes and challenges, and to learn from others in the field.

What was your biggest take away from the Data Privacy? Get Schooled. course?
It’s so important to have a transparent message and to be accessible to the public when it comes to questions about what we are doing to protect data, how we are doing it and what struggles we run into.

Did the course help to address specific challenges you face in your current role? How can it help other policymakers and staffers?
It gave me more of a voice – I was able to share it with my colleagues in order to provide the big picture they may not have had. We all work in our cubicles, focused on the tasks at hand, and sometimes lose sight of the looming issues that could knock us out of our chairs.

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About the author

Sarah Bishop-Root

Sarah Bishop-Root serves as the MOOC Program Director (EdPolicy Leaders Online) at the Foundation for Excellence in Education Prior to joining ExcelinEd, Sarah Bishop-Root spent four years at Blackboard, focusing on educational technology adoption and emerging trends in education. As Senior Manager of Client Engagement for Blackboard, she developed and executed a MOOC and Open Education strategy. In this role she worked closely with institution decision makers and educators globally and contributed to the development and launch of Blackboard’s MOOC platform.