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EdPolicy Leaders Online: Access to Education’s Top Experts

• Patricia Levesque

I am excited today to announce a new initiative by the Foundation for Excellence in Education called EdPolicy Leaders Online, a series of free, self-paced online education reform massive open online courses (MOOCs) designed specifically for policymakers and education reform partners. The best part is – you can enroll right now!

The courses, hosted on the Canvas Network, feature nearly 40 experts and leaders across the education landscape from superintendents to senators, parents to policymakers, teachers to technology gurus and community leaders to CEOs.

EdPolicy Leaders LogoEdPolicy Leaders Online was designed with leaders in mind by offering access to top experts providing in-depth knowledge, tools and key resources needed to advance and effectively implement trending reforms; convenient, self-paced modules to accommodate busy schedules; and official recognition of course completion, which can be displayed on social networks, such as LinkedIn, or on résumés.

Our first three courses are robust, timely and varied, offering the opportunity to learn about the relevant education reform issues in the news today.

  • Data Privacy? Get Schooled: This course, developed in coordination with the Data Quality Campaign, will discuss the value data brings to improve education, offer recommendations for addressing privacy concerns while promoting effective data use, and explore lessons learned from existing and emerging policies in education and other sectors.
  • Securing Our Nation’s Future: A failing American educational system threatens U.S. national security. In this course, participants will hear from national leaders and experts about these threats, the urgent need for education reform and how America can ensure its own security and global leadership for future generations.
  • Communications Boot Camp: Winning the Ed Reform Conversation: How we deliver our messages makes a big difference when it comes to winning the education reform conversation. In this course, participants will build their communications skills related to media relations, targeted messaging and the use of social media.

EdPolicy Leaders Online enrollment is open now with courses beginning March 23. Each course has five to six individual modules that require no more than an hour of time each, allowing participants –like you– to easily fit them into a busy schedule. There are no restrictions on who can register or how many participants can join a course.

We hope you will join us by participating in this exciting online initiative.

About the author

Patricia Levesque @levesquepat

Patricia is the Chief Executive Officer for the Foundation for Excellence in Education. She served as Governor Jeb Bush’s deputy chief of staff for education, enterprise solutions for government, minority procurement, and business and professional regulation. Previously, Patricia served six years in the Florida Legislature in the Speakers Office and as staff director over education policy. Contact Patricia at