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Cookie-cutter schools don’t cut it for Nevada mom of 7. But she has a plan.

• ExcelinEd

The local top-rated public school just isn’t good enough for one Nevada mom of seven kids.

A recent piece in The Daily Signal shared the story of Liz Robbins. Her family desperately needed access to alternative education options. And salvation came for the Robbins family in the form of education savings accounts.

Read an excerpt from the piece below, or visit The Daily Signal for the complete story.

For Robbins and her seven children, who range in ages from 8 to 26, the program will be life-changing.

“If you have a health challenge but you’re still a college-bound student, there are no options for you in our district,” Robbins said. “You are just on your own.”

Two of Robbins’ daughters are affected by the inherited connective tissue disorder. Because of extensive surgeries, medical tests and debilitating symptoms, they’ve missed entire years of school at a time.

“Children with health problems … they are forgotten in the school districts,” Robbins said.

Amber is now taking college courses online and was still able to graduate a valedictorian and receive a five—the highest score possible—on her AP government/law exam, despite the challenges she faced.

“She has a medical condition but she is still a bright, articulate student,” Robbins said.

While teachers worked with Amber to turn in assignments remotely, Robbins said her daughter did not receive “one day of tutoring” while she was out her senior year.

“That is a tragedy,” Robbins said.

With education savings accounts, Robbins will now have a whole host of education opportunities available to her youngest children, who are also at risk for developing the condition as their bodies develop.

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