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Competency-Based Education: Here’s what you need to know

• ExcelinEd

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ExcelinEd has launched a new section on Competency-Based Education in the Policy Library, including resources to equip and inform education leaders interested in pursuing the policy in their state.

Competency-Based Education is a new approach to learning that allows to students to progress at a flexible pace so they can advance as they master course material. While this may seem like a common-sense tactic, it is anything but ordinary.

For years, education systems have been oriented around calendar days and seat-time requirements, forcing students to adapt to a pre-determined learning schedule. This approach demands all students move at the same pace, regardless of how long it actually takes a child to master a subject. Advanced students have to slow down, and struggling students have to keep up.

But Competency-Based Education redesigns education from an age-based, grade-level system to one where students advance based on what levels of learning they have mastered. Through Competency-Based Education programs, instruction is personalized so students can advance to higher levels of learning as soon as they demonstrate mastery of concepts and skills.

Check out ExcelinEd’s new Competency-Based Education section for an FAQ on the policy, model legislation, stories of states implementing Competency-Based Education and many other resources.

View ExcelinEd’s new Competency-Based Education section.


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