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#ClassWithJeb: Today’s Leaders Share Lessons for Tomorrow

• ExcelinEd

Today’s Leaders Share Lessons for Tomorrow

ExcelinEd launches video series for educators and students

The year 2020 is one for the record books. Almost overnight, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed education for students and families across the nation. Yet learning must continue, and this year is a vivid reminder of the adaptability, 21st-century skills and resourcefulness all students need for success in a perpetually changing world.

To support secondary schools and their students during a time when educators are facing unprecedented challenges, Class in Session with Jeb Bush features conversations with the visionaries of today to reach and share insights with America’s young leaders of tomorrow.

Through 20-minute virtual interviews, our nation’s leaders, accomplished entrepreneurs and renowned figures share lessons relevant to every school’s curriculum, traditional classroom and virtual setting. Topics range from civics and government to computer science, entrepreneurship and grit.

“In a pandemic-changed world, our fast-growing virtual connections are transforming education before our eyes. Class in Session is an opportunity for America’s most accomplished and visionary leaders to reach students across the country.

“I’m personally inspired by these leaders and their contributions, and I am grateful for their commitment to education and this opportunity to support and supplement learning in the virtual classroom with their experience, insights and advice.”

Governor Jeb Bush, founder and chair of ExcelinEd

Governor Jeb Bush and CEO Hadi Partovi discuss Lessons in Coding.

More than just short lessons, the conversations draw out personal experiences from each speaker’s lifelong work and, especially important, elicit their advice, hopes and dreams for America’s next generation. Interviews include questions submitted from school students, tapping directly into what young people want to know about being prepared for productive and purposeful lives.

Class in Session with Jeb Bush launches today with two interviews, available now at and ExcelinEd’s YouTube channel.

Watch Class in Session

Lessons in Civics

with Secretary Condoleezza Rice

As a world leader and prolific trailblazer, policymaker and scholar, Dr. Condoleezza Rice shares her insights into the importance of democracy and civic engagement to the future of our country. She also shares anecdotes from her service on the front lines of history—from growing up in Birmingham, AL, to becoming the nation’s first African American woman to be appointed as U.S. Secretary of State.

View the teacher’s guide.

Lessons in Coding

with Hadi Partovi

As a global innovator and technology leader, CEO Hadi Partovi shares his thoughts on how computer science builds foundational skills in logic, problem solving and creativity. Partovi reflects on how lessons from his life experiences—from his childhood growing up in Iran to becoming a successful entrepreneur and founding a non-profit—could benefit today’s students.

View the teacher’s guide.

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