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Cabral Clements: Where is he now?

• ExcelinEd

Cabral Clements—a public charter school graduate from Atlanta, Georgia—was one of the winners of ExcelinEd’s 2017 Choices in Education video competition. While a student, he was living outside of the required school district to get a better education. Because North Springs Charter School of Arts and Sciences is a public charter school, Cabral had the opportunity to attend a school outside of his assigned district to receive the kind of education that every child deserves—one that challenges and pushes its students to achieve.

During his time in North Springs Charter School, Cabral further discovered his passion—broadcast and film—which is when he got the chance to learn both storytelling and technical skills, which he did not expect to be learn or be exposed to in a traditional school setting.

Not only did school choice allow him to find his passion for film, it also gave him the tools he needed to use the skills he learned in high school and college as he continued working toward his career goals. Cabral later graduated from Morehouse College with a bachelor’s degree in Film. As Cabral wisely said, “With time, brings perspective,” and he has since been able to put his knowledge to the test in his professional life as a filmmaker.

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