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Building the quality education system our children deserve

• Patricia Levesque

This is a reaction piece to Joy Pullmann’s “Common Core’s Big Mistake: Messing with Moms,” published by Human Events on Tuesday, June 11, 2013.

As a mother of two, the education of my children is one of my highest priorities. Like every parent, I want the best for my kids. I want them in good classrooms with good teachers where they will flourish, and by the time they graduate high school, will be prepared for the challenges the future will bring them.

But, as an education reformer, I also know all too well that we parents are often misled by the system – given the delusion of a high quality education, when in reality, academic expectations for students have declined over the years. Too often, high school degrees are rendered meaningless when applied to the skills needed to succeed in college or in the workforce.

Existing state standards across our country are deceiving our children. They allow functionally illiterate students to earn high school diplomas and they are not aligned to what the real world expects and requires of individuals, especially in the competitive 21st century economy.

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About the author

Patricia Levesque @levesquepat

Patricia is the Chief Executive Officer for the Foundation for Excellence in Education. She served as Governor Jeb Bush’s deputy chief of staff for education, enterprise solutions for government, minority procurement, and business and professional regulation. Previously, Patricia served six years in the Florida Legislature in the Speakers Office and as staff director over education policy. Contact Patricia at