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Arizona: An unlikely leader in academic success

• Dr. Matthew Ladner

Results from this year’s National Assessment of Education Progress revealed that most states have stagnated in making academic progress.

But a few states did show improvement. One of them was Arizona, a remarkable success story in a state burdened with more than its share of K-12 challenges.

Dr. Matthew Ladner, a senior policy advisor and researcher for the Foundation for Excellence in Education, documented this success in an opinion piece for the Arizona Republic.

“Arizona students didn’t just survive the Great Recession – academically, they thrived through it,’’ he wrote. “In fact, Arizona students show better academic mastery now than in any previous measured period, despite very real challenges.’’

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About the author

Dr. Matthew Ladner @MatthewLadner

Dr. Matthew Ladner is the Senior Advisor of Policy and Research for the Foundation for Excellence in Education. He previously served as Vice President of Research and Goldwater Institute. Prior to joining Goldwater, Dr. Ladner was director of state projects at the Alliance for School Choice. Dr. Ladner has written numerous studies on school choice, charter schools and special education reform. Most recently, Dr. Ladner authored the groundbreaking, original research Turn and Face the Strain: Age Demographic Change and the Near Future of American Education, outlining the future funding crisis facing America’s K-12 public education funding. He also coauthors the American Legislative Exchange Council's annual Report Card on American Education: Ranking State K-12 Performance, Progress and Reform. Dr. Ladner has testified before Congress, the United States Commission of Civil Rights and numerous state legislative committees. He is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin and received both a Masters and a Ph.D. in political science from the University of Houston. Dr. Ladner is a Senior Fellow with the Foundation for Educational Choice. He lives in Phoenix, Arizona.