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Are you ready to celebrate Digital Learning Day 2016?

• Jazmyn Reed

Digital Learning Day graphic

digital-learningIn just the past decade, our daily lives have been enhanced by technological advances. Think of your pocket-sized smartphone and the countless opportunities it offers—from apps teaching Italian to ones tracking your finances.

Technological advances have prompted educators to rethink and redesign the traditional classroom to improve education and learning. And tomorrow, students, parents and educators nationwide will celebrate these student-centered innovations during Digital Learning Day 2016, an annual event hosted by the Alliance for Excellent Education.

Digital Learning allows teachers, schools and states to individualize education for students. It uses modern day tools to enhance a student’s learning experience so each student can move at his or her own pace, guided by teachers who receive instant feedback on their students’ abilities and progress. Through Digital Learning, students can access the high-quality courses that match their interests and meet their needs—regardless of location.

Each year, Digital Learning Day highlights the innovative practices and student-centered programs that provide students with access to high-quality digital learning opportunities. This year, thousands of events will take place nationwide to celebrate, including Digital Learning Day Live!—a live webcast to showcase and explore how technology, teaching and access to digital learning is positively impacting schools and communities across the country. The webcast will discuss digital learning access and the path to providing digital equity for all.

Digital Learning provides a high-quality education and a variety of resources, instructors and courses to prepare students for success in college, careers and life—no matter where they live. We encourage educators, parents and students to engage in this event to celebrate the innovative teachers, leaders and student-centered programs that are impacting lives.

For more information on Digital Learning Day and its events, visit, and be sure to join the #DLDay conversation online and follow @OfficialDLDay on Twitter.

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About the author

Jazmyn Reed

Jazmyn Reed is a Communications Coordinator at the Foundation for Excellence in Education. Previously, Jazmyn worked as an Account Coordinator at CoreMessage where she helped manage day-to-day communications efforts as well as draft and execute long-term public relations strategies. Jazmyn graduated from Florida State University with a Bachelor of Arts in English.