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A dream put on hold returns to life

• Kristin Lock

An epic battle took place on The Voice stage last week.

The contenders were similar in style and sound. But different in age, and different in opportunity.

We will share more of Shalyah Fearing’s story later this week, but after the battle took place, I realized something about Tamar Davis’ story that needs mentioning.

A small portion of Tamar’s bio was shared on live television after her performance, the key point being this: She grew up singing with her friends Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland before Destiny’s Child was formed. She could have been the girl to round out the band, but her mom wanted her to finish school. And so Tamar delayed her dream of a career in music to finish her education.

Twenty-five years later, Tamar finally has her chance to pursue that dream. It’s her time. Also standing on that stage, Shalyah, at the age of 15 is pursuing her dreams WHILE finishing her education—because of digital learning and school choice options. Opportunities that were never available to Tamar.

What dreams could your students pursue WHILE finishing their education?

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