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50% of high schools don’t offer calculus. The solution is pretty simple.

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High School Grads

Your child has big plans for her future. But there’s just one catch—her high school doesn’t offer the courses she will need to earn admittance to her preferred program at her dream college.

The courses students take in high school open doors to opportunities in their future. But too many students are limited by their local school’s course offerings.

During Mathematics Awareness Month this April, it’s important to remember that just half of our nation’s high schools offer calculus and only two out of three offer physics. (Source: U.S. Department of Education Office for Civil Rights)

Calculus and physic availablility graphicThe reasons are numerous—a lack the resources, shortage of staff, insufficient student demand—but the result is always the same when schools lack course options. Students miss out on important learning opportunities.

This is why Course Access—a state level program that provides K-12 students with access to a wide range of quality courses from diverse, accountable providers—is so crucial. Through Course Access programs, students can access a high-quality education to supplement their local school’s offerings.

Course Access programs connect students with a wide variety of quality courses and instruction. Families can select the best courses for their children from an online catalog of in-person, online and blended courses.

From Advanced Placement Chemistry to beginners Japanese, states can use Course Access to engage students like never before by offering their preferred courses in their preferred formats from effective, qualified teachers.

In Louisiana, students are able to select from a diverse range of courses, from career and technical preparation to advanced coursework. And in Texas, an extremely rural district has addressed the challenge of hiring full-time foreign language teachers by partnering with Rosetta Stone to offer foreign-language courses to their students and students in surrounding districts.

No single school is equipped to offer all the courses their students need or would want to take. But that doesn’t change the fact that all students deserve access to the high-quality courses that will help them reach their potential and work toward their dreams.

Course Access is the answer our students have been waiting for.

Visit ExcelinEd’s Policy Library to learn how states can use Course Access to offer K-12 students quality courses regardless of location, or contact to learn how ExcelinEd can support your state.

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