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Why Nevada’s ESA program injunction should be immediately reversed

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Yesterday, Carson City District Court Judge James Wilson granted a preliminary injunction that orders the State Treasurer to stop implementing Nevada’s new education savings accounts pending further court deliberations.  Blocking this new education program restricts Nevada parents from choosing the best education option for their children.

Further, these actions will cause irreparable harm, disruption and uncertainty for Nevada families and the 4,100 children who were counting on these accounts for their education.

Patricia Levesque, CEO of ExcelinEd issued a statement last night calling for the immediate overturning of this judge’s harmful action.  Nevada families deserve better.  Join the coalition at to help ensure Nevada parents can choose the best education for their children.


There are 4,100 Nevada children counting on ESAs for their education. Meet a few of these families:

Nevada Mom: ESA lawsuits could force my son back into failing school
By Glynis Gallegos, single parent of three children 

As a single parent living paycheck to paycheck, I never thought I could afford a private school, however, the Education Savings Accounts allow this to happen. If they take away ESAs, they will prevent my son from obtaining an exceptional education and return him to a learning environment that does not meet his needs.

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Meet Zavia. Her family is counting on Nevada’s Education Savings Accounts.
By Zavia Norman, who sent two of her daughters to private school this year with the promise of ESAs 

My daughter Laila is happy when she goes to school. She has a smile when I pick her up. And I know that she is learning and is engaged in her classes while she is away. These simple blessings may seem trivial to some, but they are precious for my family. They are made possible, in part, because of an Education Savings Account.

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Zavia Norman’s daughters: Laila, Rhealyn, and Cailyn.

Zavia Norman’s daughters: Laila, Rhealyn and Cailyn.

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