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Keynote and General Sessions from #EIE13: All In One Place

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Excellence in Education Strategy Session: Accountability 2020: Adopting and Readying Transparent A – F Grading Systems for the Next Generation of Schools

The seemingly simple exercise of grading schools like schools grade students has become one of the most powerful and contentious of all education reforms. That was the consensus of state legislators on an accountability panel at the National Summit on Education Reform in Boston. Issuing A-F grades is so controversial because it is so easily […]

Excellence in Education Strategy Session: The Results Are In: The Empirical Evidence Choice in Education Works

The body of evidence that school choice is working has been expanding at an increasing rate over recent years. Researchers from MIT, Harvard, and the University of California, Davis comprised a panel at the Excellence in Education National Summit this afternoon that shared findings showing choice in education raises academic attainment and increases college attendance […]

Excellence in Education Strategy Session: A Customized Education: Extreme Choices through Digital Learning

Students in an increasing number of states are benefiting from expanded choice in education: Course Choice. This next step for educational choice allows students to customize their educational experiences, providing students options down to the individual course level. Two leading states in the midst of implementation, Utah, represented by Sen. Howard Stephenson and Louisiana, represented […]

Excellence in Education Strategy Session: The K-3 Reading Strategy: Cementing the Foundation of Lifelong Success

Retaining third graders who cannot read only works when backed by other initiatives that prioritize literacy in the early grades. The combination can result in impressive reading gains, said a panel of experts and policy makers at the National Summit on Education Reform in Boston Thursday. “It’s tough love, loaded with love,’’ explained said Mary […]

Education Reformer Star of the Week: Dale Erquiaga

He enjoys delving into the laws and determining what Nevada should be doing and what authority the superintendent has to be an effective change-agent.

Education Reformer Star of the Week: Pati Montgomery

I knew instantly on my first phone call with Pati Montgomery that she was the right person to lead Colorado’s reading efforts.

Montana Teachers of the Year News Release: 21 Former Current and Former Montana Teachers of the Year Endorse Common Core State Standards

Collectively, the 21 of us have over 500 years of teaching experience….We support Montana’s Common Core Standards.

ICYMI: The Closing of Diane Ravitch’s Mind: A once-great education scholar rejects everything she previously believed

Sol Stern aptly describes Diane Ravitch’s transition from conservative school-reformer and careful scholar to radical progressive in his article in the most recent edition of The City Journal from the Manhattan Institute.

Education Reformer Star of the Week: Clark Jolley

Ordinary. When one thinks of provocative words in the English language, this aggressively nondescript term is scarce to be found.