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Everyone talks about the achievement gap, who is doing something about it?

Did you happen to notice the state that narrowed the White-Black achievement gap in all four subjects during the last decade? Here is a hint:

Reformer Star of the Week: John Burnett

“Mr. Minnick, Mr. Minnick, where’s Mr. Burnett?!” It was this question—or rather the reason behind the answer to this question—that curved the tracks of my life towards a career in education policy. However, before I tell you where Mr. Burnett was, allow me to first explain who Mr. Burnett is. Mr. John Burnett was my […]

How long should it take to teach a child to read?

Critics of retention argue it is harsh on children. I would argue illiteracy is much harsher.

Reformer Star of the Week – Douglas County Voters

Sometimes good isn’t good enough. By most measures, Douglas County, Colorado was doing just fine.   This was a community with one of the highest median household incomes in the country and schools that had a graduation rate of 87.4% and an average ACT score of 21.8. Lots of communities would kill for those numbers.  Lots […]

DC Students See Gains No Matter How You Slice It

The Washington Post reported on the impressive NAEP gains in the DC, but also that measure of student income in the city has become distorted. The District of Columbia Public School system apparently changed the measure of Free and Reduced-Price lunch eligibility between the 2011 and 2013 NAEP exams. This leaves a bit of mystery […]

Education Reformer Star of the Week: Tony Roberts

If you provide a vision and show that good results will come of it, people will follow you. Get on board, Georgia!

Florida Charter Schools Crush the Ball on 2013 NAEP Reading

This news is worth singing a round of Sweet Caroline, for sure.

Reform efforts in DC, TN, IN and Florida are working

NAEP 2013 affirms the reform efforts in DC, TN, IN and Florida. The National Center for Education Statistics has released the 2013 National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) for 4th and 8th grade Reading and Math. “The Nation’s Report Card” tests random representative samples of students in all 50 states, serving as the only true […]

Education Reformer Star of the Week: Representative Ryan Aument

Washington’s wisest education experts tell us the reform movement is suffering from a chronic case of fatigue.

What is lime green?

Green. Lime. Yellow. Orange. Red.

The attempt at clarity only brought confusion.