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Classic literature is here to stay

There is an unfortunate misperception that the Common Core State Standards will create a dramatic switch from fiction to non-fiction texts in English class. That simply isn’t the case. Don Quixote and To Kill a Mockingbird aren’t going anywhere. The CCSS call for reading, writing, speaking, listening, and language to be taught in all classrooms – from science to […]

Guest post: Ohio moves forward

The Ohio General Assembly should pass House Bill 555, which seeks to create and implement a grading system that will assign an A-F letter grade to schools and districts. Yesterday, the Senate Education Committee in a bipartisan 7-1 vote approved this bill, which moves on to full consideration by the Ohio Senate. This task is […]

No more Flori-duh. State’s fourth-grade readers go from bottom of the nation to top of the world

Kids in Singapore and Finland have long distinguished themselves on international academic tests, leaving American kids far, far, far behind. They would rule the 21st Century while our kids would assemble snow globes, sew sneakers, man the call centers and figure out how to pay their parents’ entitlements on 93 cents a day. If things […]

Moynihan’s Message

Senator/scholar Daniel Patrick Moynihan, a liberal Democrat who conservative columnist George Will only half-jokingly noted “wrote more books than most Senators read” has a fascinating discussion about health care reform and Baumol’s cost disease in his book Miles to Go. Moynihan, the original sponsor of the bill that came to be known as “Hillarycare” in […]

Teachers better than New England Patriots

OK, I admit to being confused. Education reformers have long complained that almost all teachers receive good job performance reviews, which makes little sense given the wide disparities in teacher effectiveness. And so they have pushed for including student achievement in teacher reviews. This caused an uproar in teacher unions, which detected a plot to […]

School dilemma: Empty space and big bucks

We have built public school houses all across America at a cost of hundreds of billions of dollars. So what becomes of that investment as more and more students exit these schools for charters and other options, leaving a spate of empty space in their wake? A school that operates under capacity still has to […]

Reuter’s Response

There are media stories designed to inform. And then there are stories crafted to reach a pre-ordained conclusion. Unfortunately, a Reuters story written by Stephanie Simon to discredit Jeb Bush’s education reforms fell into the latter category. This was an exercise in spinning data and ignoring a wealth of information that countered the storyline. The […]

Bush and Duncan form alliance for kids

Now if only we could get the education reformers to work on the fiscal cliff. I haven’t taken a poll but would guess there are as many Democrats as Republicans at the 5th Annual National Summit on Education reform. Top speakers included Jeb Bush and Condi Rice for the Republicans; Arne Duncan and John Podesta […]

Jeb Bush: Remarkable bi-partisan convergence of opinion

It has been rewarding to watch education reform grow from a small movement in a handful of states to a national priority that takes in all states. I am particularly proud of the role played by the Foundation for Excellence in Education in promoting student-driven policy reforms. One of my favorite conferences begins tomorrow, when […]

Complete Agenda Released for the 2012 National Summit on Education Reform

WASHINGTON – The Foundation for Excellence in Education today announced its final general and strategy sessions for the fifth annual Excellence in Action National Summit on Education Reform at the JW Marriott in Washington, DC, Nov. 27-28. During the general session “Won’t Back Down Movie and Parent Trigger,” attendees will hear the story behind the […]