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Principals with No-excuses Attitudes

Some might say schools who serve high-needs students who achieve dramatic learning gains are defying the odds. But the success at these schools is not due to magic or luck. These are not isolated incidents. They can be replicated. There are themes that arise. One of the clearest similarities at these schools is that change begins with a strong leader.

Everything I needed to know about student data, I learned in kindergarten

Our son’s school encourages its students to lead parent-teacher conferences, so our little five-year-old served as the official host for the evening.

Accountability in Education: How Design Can Accelerate Innovation

Design is a necessary ingredient for making real progress in today’s world. But let me be clear, design is not what happens when a fresh hipster with heavy glasses and a fade haircut opens up Photoshop. It is the planning and decision making process on how something will look, happen or be made. And we […]

School Report Cards: Removing the Mystery and Adding Clarity

As a research coordinator at the Foundation for Excellence in Education (ExcelinEd), I am asked to do a wide variety of long and intricate projects involving education reports and data. But none of my research assignments intrigued me – or shocked me – as much as the request to visit all 50 states’ education department […]

ExcelinEd announces winner of school report card design competition

Designing a report card for students is simple: Biology: A; Math: B. Designing a report card for a school is more complicated. How do you capture all the elements of school quality in a report that is concise, accurate and simple for parents to understand? We put the question to the design community by sponsoring “The My School Information Design Challenge.’’

When the Stars Align in Support of Learning . . .

There is one key area where K-12 and higher education policy intersect—teacher preparation. Higher education needs college and career ready graduates while K-12 turns around and asks for better equipped teachers. I think it’s safe to say that there is broad agreement on the importance and impact a great teacher can make—a point confirmed by […]

Doug Tuthill: In the Business of Changing Lives

Lifelong educator, former head of a teachers union and tax-credit scholarship president Doug Tuthill is in the business of changing lives. Read the story below to find out what has motivated this education leader throughout the years. NOTE: Last month, Doug Tuthill joined us at the 2014 National Summit on Education reform for the session […]

#EIE14 Videos Are Online and Ready to Watch

The 2014 National Summit on Education Reform has passed, Thanksgiving dinner has been eaten, and you’re wondering how you will fill the time between now and Christmas, right? Well, we have good news for you: #EIE14 videos are all online and ready to watch.

Mom Blew It

Mom blew it. That’s what I told my kids after our National Summit on Education Reform. More than once, standing at the podium, I told the audience, “Good night.” Unfortunately, it was the middle of the day. A mistake like that is magnified at an event in which people are listening to the eloquent words of Secretary Condoleezza Rice, Senator Marco Rubio and Governor Jeb Bush. They never say “good night” to people eating lunch.

Teacher unions: An agenda that has little to do with kids

Undeniably there are public schools that do an amazing job educating poor kids. Undeniably, there are schools that do not.