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Reuter’s Response

There are media stories designed to inform. And then there are stories crafted to reach a pre-ordained conclusion. Unfortunately, a Reuters story written by Stephanie Simon to discredit Jeb Bush’s education reforms fell into the latter category. This was an exercise in spinning data and ignoring a wealth of information that countered the storyline. The […]

Bush and Duncan form alliance for kids

Now if only we could get the education reformers to work on the fiscal cliff. I haven’t taken a poll but would guess there are as many Democrats as Republicans at the 5th Annual National Summit on Education reform. Top speakers included Jeb Bush and Condi Rice for the Republicans; Arne Duncan and John Podesta […]

Jeb Bush: Remarkable bi-partisan convergence of opinion

It has been rewarding to watch education reform grow from a small movement in a handful of states to a national priority that takes in all states. I am particularly proud of the role played by the Foundation for Excellence in Education in promoting student-driven policy reforms. One of my favorite conferences begins tomorrow, when […]

Complete Agenda Released for the 2012 National Summit on Education Reform

WASHINGTON – The Foundation for Excellence in Education today announced its final general and strategy sessions for the fifth annual Excellence in Action National Summit on Education Reform at the JW Marriott in Washington, DC, Nov. 27-28. During the general session “Won’t Back Down Movie and Parent Trigger,” attendees will hear the story behind the […]

Student-Driven. Teacher-Fueled.

I’d like to say thank you. This time of year, many of us are feeling particularly thankful, but I know I speak for most Floridians when I say we’re thankful for teachers every single day. They do so much more than teach. Teachers are motivators, cheerleaders, mentors and the hardworking pit crew on every student’s […]

ALEC Vote Rejects Anti-Common Core Resolution

Over the weekend, the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) rejected an anti-Common Core bill, thus completing its 18-month exploration of the Common Core State Standards. This action reaffirmed ALEC’s position that states should be in charge of their education standards and supports the option for states to freely adopt Common Core. By rejecting the bill, […]

Arne Duncan to Give Keynote at the 2012 National Summit on Education Reform

WASHINGTON – The Foundation for Excellence in Education today announced U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan will deliver a breakfast keynote address for the fifth annual Excellence in Action National Summit on Education Reform. This keynote will take place at the JW Marriott in Washington, DC, Nov. 28. Prior to becoming the U.S. Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan […]

#EIA12 Summit App

As we’re gearing up for our National Summit (and by gearing up, I really mean we’re in full swing!) we are excited to give you a tool to help navigate the event. Find information about the agenda, speakers, strategy sessions, and our partners by using our new event app from Twoppy. Use this link on your […]

John Podesta to Give Keynote at the 2012 National Summit on Education Reform

Currently serving as chair and counselor of the Center for American Progress and the Center for American Progress Action Fund, Podesta has led American Progress to become a notable leader in the development of and advocacy for progressive policy.

Progress trumped by misguided ideology in Indiana

Reform champion Tony Bennett lost his bid for reelection as Indiana’s Superintendent of Public Instruction on Tuesday to a coalition of reactionaries- the usual opponents of reform joined by conservative opponents of Common Core. Honest people can and do disagree over the Common Core State Standards, but the sort of arguments against it seen repeated in […]