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Cookie-cutter schools don’t cut it for Nevada mom of 7. But she has a plan.

“If you have a health challenge but you’re still a college-bound student, there are no options for you in our district,” Robbins said. “You are just on your own.”

When Opportunity Presents Itself

While the way schools are financed varies from state to state, the idea of school finance reform is always daunting because each of the many critical elements of school financing is fraught with political landmines. Simple conversations on school finance can quickly spiral into fierce debates over per pupil funding, revenue sources and tax reform.

How Student-Centered Reforms Dominated Arkansas’s 2015 Session

The Arkansas 2015 Legislative Session marked a turning point for student-centered reforms, with the General Assembly passing significant education policies to better serve students and families. Chief amongst those policies, the Legislature enacted reforms to give students greater choice in education.

Apply Now for the Mississippi Education Scholarship Account Program!

There is great news for Mississippi families of students with special needs. Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant and the Legislature just passed legislation to give families Education Scholarship Accounts (ESAs), allowing moms and dads to direct the education spending for their child.

A new approach for a new era of education

The Fordham Institute has challenged a number of prominent scholars, practitioners and policy analysts to face off in a Wonkathon on Education Savings Accounts. Today we hear from, Adam Peshek, ExcelinEd’s State Policy Director of School Choice.

Education Savings Accounts News Roundup

When Nevada governor Brian Sandoval signed into law the nation’s first universal school-choice program earlier this month, he set off a flurry of press and opinions around Education Savings Accounts. Checkout this roundup of pieces for some great reads on this exciting new program, and stay tuned for more information and news on this exciting policy!

Tennessee Takes Bold Steps for Students and Teachers

The Tennessee Legislature passed significant reforms to empower parents and students with special needs and give teachers the freedom to teach during the January – April 2015 session.

New tools for new challenges: Updating accountability for ESAs

The Fordham Institute has challenged a number of prominent scholars, practitioners and policy analysts to face off in a Wonkathon. The topic? Education Savings Accounts. Yesterday, ExcelinEd’s Dr. Matthew Ladner shared his response. Read an excerpt below or head over to the Fordham Institute for the complete post.

Why Kids Need Hope and High Expectations

First, she said, the entire school community must believe that all kids can achieve. “We can’t pick who will achieve and who will not. If these kids in front of us are the kids we need to educate, we have to figure out how to unwrap their gifts,” Maholmes said.

When Diplomas and Credits Send False Signals

For years, diplomas and credits based on seat time and passing grades have been sending false signals. Students graduate thinking they are ready for college and career, when they’re often anything but ready.