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Why Nevada’s ESA program injunction should be immediately reversed

Yesterday, Carson City District Court Judge James Wilson granted a preliminary injunction that orders the State Treasurer to stop implementing Nevada’s new education savings accounts pending further court deliberations.  Blocking this new education program restricts Nevada parents from choosing the best education option for their children. Further, these actions will cause irreparable harm, disruption and […]

Updated #ProficiencyMatters Scorecard: Is your state closing the gap?

Check out this updated #ProficiencyMatters score card to see if your state is setting adequate expectations for your children!

#OnTheFly: 10 Greatest Hits of 2015

This year, The EdFly Blog published 197 posts—ranging from provocative perspectives on the opt-out movement to in-depth policy pieces and heartwarming parent testimonies on school choice. Here is a recap of 2015’s greatest hits on The EdFly Blog!

Over-Regulation in Louisiana’s Voucher Program

But for vouchers to work, a program must be well designed and implemented. It must not overregulate schools or handcuff them financially. They must be given the autonomy to maintain their unique identity, including the ability to control their curriculum rather than being forced to follow the public school template. Doing so only defeats the purpose of the vouchers.

Video: What grade would your school earn?

Everyone understands the difference between an A and an F. Learn how A-F School Grading is making a difference in more than a dozen states!

Advancing students when they are ready

It’s no secret that ExcelinEd is excited about Competency-Based Education—the new approach to learning that allows to students to advance as they master course material. Politico Florida recently reported that with guidance from the Foundation for Florida’s Future (ExcelinEd’s sister organization), three school districts in Florida have already begun implementing competency-based education pilot programs. Now […]

3 Smart State Approaches to Competency-Based Education

Competency-based education requires a local commitment, yet there are state policies that can enable and support—or hinder—the transition. Idaho, Ohio and Georgia provide three different state approaches to expedite the beginning of the initiative while allowing time for thoughtful implementation.

Students were the real winners in 2015

I hope your holiday was as joyous as mine. It is that time when we celebrate the blessing of family and, in particular, children. There is so much joy in watching children unwrap and explore their gifts. But for me, the most precious gift is one I work on giving them every day—an engaged and […]

Happy Holidays from ExcelinEd!

Why this Georgia teacher is excited about A-F School Grading

Kelly Cadman, a Georgia mother and teacher, recently explained why she supports Georgia’s new A-F School Grading System.