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A Tale of Three States: The Next Chapter

Last year ExcelinEd, in partnership with Getting Smart, released Policy, Pilots and the Path to Competency-Based Education: A Tale of Three States, where we followed the different paths that Idaho, Florida and Utah are taking to pursue personalized learning. Now, ExcelinEd has released The Next Chapter and we pick up where we left off, tracking the next phase of implementation of each state’s pilot program.

#AskExcelinEd: National Summit edition featuring Q&A with Cari Miller

We are just four weeks away from ExcelinEd’s 2017 National Summit on Education Reform (#EIE17)! During this four-part #AskExcelinEd series, we will share Q&As with some speakers from our upcoming event.

#AskExcelinEd: How do states and schools determine what is a high-quality, industry-recognized credential?

One question ExcelinEd frequently receives when discussing industry recognized credential opportunities is: How do you determine which credentials are high quality?

The Time Is Now: A Review of New America Succeeds Report, “The Age of Agility”

Automation and artificial intelligence have and will continue to render many of our existing jobs, work functions, degrees and skills obsolete — having a tremendous impact on all workers. And this disruption is only accelerating.

What’s in a name? Describing Personalized Learning.

“Consistent and effective communication and engagement with students, educators, parents and community stakeholders is crucial for a successful transition to personalized learning.”  – Tale of Three States: The Next Chapter Over the past several years, ExcelinEd has partnered with federal and state policy leaders to support innovative educators and their efforts to implement competency-based education. […]

School Choice Update

FOLLOW-UP How parents make choices: Looking at applicants to New York City’s centralized high school assignment mechanism, a working paper examines the relationship between parent preferences, peer characteristics, and school effectiveness. The researchers find parents prefer schools that enroll high-achieving peers, but, among schools with similar student populations, parents do not rank more effective schools […]

Education Opportunity: A Look at 3 Life-Changing Programs for Florida Students

Florida is the nation’s leader in expanding educational options so that each and every student has access to a high-quality learning environment that best meets their needs. Several states have modeled their private school choice programs after Florida’s Tax Credit Scholarship program, which serves low-income students and Florida’s Gardiner Scholarship Program and McKay Scholarship programs, which serve students with disabilities.

Help Communities, Educators and Students Recover from Hurricanes

This hurricane season has been devastating for countless American families. Unfortunately, these hardships can linger for months and sometimes years as families, communities and local and state governments navigate the tough road to recovery.

What is a major policy barrier to implementing Personalized Learning?

Over the next few weeks, our Innovation policy team will answer the questions they’ve been receiving. We invite you to send in your questions or Tweet us at @ExcelinEd, and share this important information with education partners, stakeholders and others who would like to know more. #AskExcelinEd   What is a major policy barrier to implementing […]

#AskExcelinEd: What role does Course Access play in preparing students for college and career?

Learner-centered education requires broad access to high-quality coursework, yet too many schools and districts are unable to offer critical courses necessary for college and career readiness. ExcelinEd’s Course Access policy seeks to address these gaps through legislation, incentives and guidance allowing students to access an online marketplace of high-quality courses.

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