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3 Smart State Approaches to Competency-Based Education

Competency-based education requires a local commitment, yet there are state policies that can enable and support—or hinder—the transition. Idaho, Ohio and Georgia provide three different state approaches to expedite the beginning of the initiative while allowing time for thoughtful implementation.

Students were the real winners in 2015

I hope your holiday was as joyous as mine. It is that time when we celebrate the blessing of family and, in particular, children. There is so much joy in watching children unwrap and explore their gifts. But for me, the most precious gift is one I work on giving them every day—an engaged and […]

Happy Holidays from ExcelinEd!

Why this Georgia teacher is excited about A-F School Grading

Kelly Cadman, a Georgia mother and teacher, recently explained why she supports Georgia’s new A-F School Grading System.

How Guthrie continues working to be the best little school on the planet.

Today’s guest post is by Nelson Coulter, former director of Guthrie Virtual School. Course Access: Expanding Access and Equity in Texas Guthrie Common School District (GCSD) is located on the rolling plains of western Texas, 90 miles from each of our closest city neighbors Lubbock, Abilene, and Wichita Falls. Guthrie is the only town in […]

ICYMI: The Year of Educational Choice: Final Tally

2015 was the “Year of Educational Choice.” And last week the Cato Institute—a public policy research organization dedicated to individual liberty, limited government, free markets and peace—published a final count of the year’s new and expanded educational choice programs. Educational choice is more than simply allowing parents to choose the best school for their child. […]

Florida grinches, ‘tis the season to #DropTheSuit

Last week, school choice supporters in Florida received an early Christmas present. A Leon County Circuit Court judge rejected a request to end Florida’s Tax Credit Scholarship Program. While this is welcomed news for the 77,000 Florida students using the scholarships to access an education that better meets their needs, the attack by unions on […]

The Value of a Simple Question

I recently read a recount of Alan Shepard’s flight as the first American in space. Packed into his capsule before the historic flight, Shepard encountered a problem that the nation’s best and brightest scientists and engineers had neglected: a restroom.

How my small-town Texas school created a world-class Course Access program

Today’s guest post is by Summer Reel, a lead teacher at Guthrie Virtual School District in Guthrie, Tex. Small towns certainly have their charm. But they also present challenges, especially when offering diverse courses and quality teachers to students in rural areas. I live in Guthrie, Tex. Nearly 100 miles from the nearest city, Guthrie […]

How is personalized learning changing lives? Ask Thomas Rooney.

California’s Lindsay Unified School District is transforming education to a personalized system where all learners are met at their own level. The results are remarkable.