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Meeting the man on the street

A few years ago, a young man stopped me on the street. I didn’t recognize him, but he knew me. “I was in your wife’s intensive reading class because I didn’t know how to read,” he explained. “It changed my whole life.”

iHawk Academy is sealing up the cracks in education

Carrie Short believes iHawk Academy is developing an effective framework that more schools and districts will one day follow. “Just imagine how many students have been lost in the cracks because we failed to reach them,” she said.

Choosing Preparation over Pride for Reading Success

Dale R. Fair Babson Park Elementary is a high-performing conversion charter school in Babson Park, Fla. The school has earned an “A” grade from the state’s school grading system for six of the past seven years. Babson is known for more than its high achieving status; however, it’s also known for its high rates of […]

Hands are in the air at Dayspring Academy

  There are many metrics for judging school success—test scores, advanced coursework and so on. My metric is hands in the air. When you walk into a classroom and see hands in the air, quivering and shaking, silently pleading with the teacher to “call on me,” it translates into enthusiastic learners. It’s hard to overestimate […]

The Never Ending Middle School Years

“My students know I really want them all to succeed,” says Florida middle school teacher Jo Ellen Stanley. “I tell them, ‘even if you’re the smartest one in the class, I can help you improve.’”

Making reform work: Teachers can’t do it alone

The strains and struggles in everyday teachers’ voices regarding student poverty are sincere, and fresh thinking about poverty is long overdue.

What a Great Teacher Did for My Kid

My oldest daughter, Carly, was reading my Marvel comics at age 3. She started Harry Potter in first grade, and I stopped her after the third book because of what happens to Cedric Diggory in the fourth book.

This school is changing futures—one child at a time.

  School of the Immaculata (SOTI), founded in 2005, is a private religious school serving 106 K-12 students in the heart of St. Petersburg, Fla. Its student body is more than 90 percent minority and low income, and nearly all students are recipients of the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship. The school opened to confront the […]

Why charter schools? Because of this.

Each child deserves to be surrounded by adults who truly believe in her. For Kim, that meant choosing a charter school.

Professional & Technical High School in Osceola

Having all students graduate is a goal for every high school. For the Professional and Technical High School (PATHS) in Osceola County, it has been a reality for the past 10 years.