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Why advanced coursework in high school matters for success in college

Yesterday, ExcelinEd and the Arizona Chamber Foundation released a joint policy brief which finds that completing rigorous coursework in high school is one of the best predictors of students’ success in college.

Idaho, Georgia and Ohio are on the road to personalized learning

Idaho, Ohio and Georgia provide three different state approaches to expedite the beginning of the initiative while allowing time for thoughtful implementation.

Here’s what personalized learning looks like in Florida

Florida lawmakers are working to make true Competency-Based Education possible in the Sunshine State.

Are you ready to celebrate Digital Learning Day 2016?

Tomorrow, students, parents and educators nationwide will celebrate student-centered innovations during Digital Learning Day 2016.

ICYMI: DC Devotes $29K per Student Each Year. What if Parents Controlled That Money?

Public schools in Washington, D.C., have made incredible strides in recent years, but there is still much more that can be done to improve education for all students in the District.

Time to Take Off the School Choice Training Wheels in D.C.

On the surface, Washington, D.C. has been making dramatic academic progress, especially in the charter school sector which now educates almost half of K-12 students in the District.

Tennessee Considers Course Access

Thanks to this new technology-driven choice initiative, students can access a high-quality education regardless of their location.

Competency-Based Education requires more than just adding devices

What are the best ways to get started with Competency-Based Education? ExcelinEd’s Karla Phillips teamed up with Getting Smart’s Tom Vander Ark to share a dozen ways schools and districts can begin personalized learning and Competency-Based Education.

About Testing

While tests are a regular part of life, they should not be the focus of a student’s classroom experience. ExcelinEd advocates for fewer, better tests, and we will continue to support statewide testing as an annual check on student achievement and learning.

School choice: “The Civil Rights issue of our time.’’

At a hearing before the Education and the Workforce Committee, Denisha Merriweather attested to the impact of school choice in her own life. Merriweather told the committee, “The cycle of poverty is ending in my family because of the Florida Tax‐Credit Scholarship. I received a quality education and, because of my example, my siblings are now seeing how to take advantage of educational opportunities.”