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Florida’s class-size amendment: Fixing a $30 billion mistake

What sounded good on a ballot turned chaotic when implemented to the letter of the law.

The Link Between K-12 Education and National Security

Education gives children the capacity to succeed in life, and their combined success ensures prosperity for our nation. We all understand that. Now take out the word “prosperity” and substitute “security.’’

SXSW Update: ExcelinEd presents EdPolicy Leaders Online

This is the final piece in a three-part series on our takeaways from the SXSWedu conference. Earlier this month ExcelinEd staff joined teachers, ed tech companies, district leaders and stakeholders at the annual event in Austin, Texas to discuss the most pressing topics in education, including personalized learning, student data privacy and classroom innovations. Read […]

SXSW Update: The Need for Innovation

SXSWedu sparked conversations on innovation in education. One conversation included Betsy DeVos, ExcelinEd Board Member and Chairman for the American Federation for Children. She spoke last Wednesday at “Competition, Creativity, and Choice in the Classroom” and shared how modernized education practices – including digital learning – can help our nation produce students ready for college and careers. DeVos also focused on how educational choice can transform lives and provide students with unprecedented educational opportunities.

SXSW Update: Student Data Privacy

Last week, thousands of innovative teachers, ed tech companies, district leaders and stakeholders flocked to the annual SXSWedu conference in Austin, Texas. Today we’re sharing the first of a three-part series on our top takeaways from the event.

Georgia Faces a Challenging Future

Is Georgia prepared for the future?

DLN Report Card Preview: Accelerating Students in Florida

This means Florida schools no longer have to rely on seat time to award academic credits. Advanced students who master the material quickly can move on to another course, cutting down on boredom. Struggling students can take more time so they are not left behind. Learning is the constant and seat time is the variable.

What It Takes for a Student to Succeed

Frustration quickly grew into hopelessness. De’Antay even told me he wanted to drop out of school. And then we realized this was normal. His teachers told us that De’Antay was doing better than most, that we should be happy he was a “D” student. When I heard this, I knew I had to get him out of that school as soon as possible.

States Across the Nation Pursuing Education Savings Accounts

There is growing interest by states in Education Savings Account (ESA) programs, with at least 22 state legislatures pursuing or considering the policy in 2015. The programs take funds that otherwise would be spent educating children in traditional public schools and sets them aside into accounts controlled by parents. The parents then can use the […]

Waffles & Testing – A Dad’s Recipe

My daughter started writing books in first grade, was a better writer than me by third grade, and now here she is in fifth grade, afraid of a standardized writing test. This is like Einstein being afraid of Algebra 1.

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