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Would you like biggie fries with that geometry assignment?

Customer service, once the domain of corporate America, is coming to public schools in Florida. They are rolling out the welcome mat and increasing their menu offerings to ensure their customers – primarily parents — are satisfied.

Baumol’s disease and the public school

I’m going to blog about something really nerdy, but stick with me because it is actually crucial to understanding what has gone wrong with our public schools over the last 50 years. I promise your patience will be rewarded with insight. Paul Hill and Marguerite Rosa explained in 2010 that American public schools are suffering […]

School choice equals higher accountability

Original item posted in Shreveport Times September 28, 2012 Thanks to leaders like Gov. Bobby Jindal, Education Superintendent John White and lawmakers, Louisiana is taking bold strides forward to improve the quality of education. And, as it relates to school choice, Louisianans are unequivocally supporting their efforts, as evidenced by the more than 10,000 applications […]

We shouldn’t back down

There is some question about whether Florida lawmakers will make another attempt to pass a parent trigger law next year. The measure narrowly failed in the last legislative session because of a tie vote in the Senate. The Florida Education Association and its allies in the Florida PTA and Fund Education Now led the charge […]

Too Few Good Men

In 1941, my grandfather was the State Civil Engineer for the north region of Mississippi. Tom was given a critical skill exemption from the draft but deeply felt the duty to serve his country. He chose to volunteer. He failed a medical exam because of partial hearing loss, but was so determined to serve his country […]


Oh how everybody hates it, particularly the Florida Education Association. President Andy Ford says the union lacks confidence in it. “We all want to know what students are learning and have trust that any assessment be an accurate representation of what students are learning,’’ he says. Of course, Andy knows better. He fully understands the […]

Chicago Public Schools: The look, the plunge, and the tiny poof

Remember the Road Runner cartoon. Wile E. Coyote runs off the cliff edge. His legs churn furiously to gain traction in midair. Then comes the look of realization, followed by the downward plunge and tiny poof. Chicago Public Schools has run off the fiscal cliff.

An Introduction

Welcome to the EdFly Blog. My presence here is the result of a mental journey that began more than 10 years ago.  At the time I was a newspaper columnist and skeptical of most everything linked to Republicans, including then Gov. Jeb Bush and his overhaul of public education.

Schools need help with reading law

Golfing legend and Buckeye alumnus Jack Nicklaus once said that concentration is a fine antidote to anxiety. As with any new legislation, Ohio’s requirement that students be able to read by the end of third grade is causing anxiety for some school administrators, parents and teachers. Having helped Florida and other states implement similar policies, […]

Showing up is not enough

My beloved Mississippi State Bulldogs got their revenge last weekend on the Auburn Tigers.  After two last-second (not to mention heartbreaking) losses the past two years, they would not be denied on Saturday.  They fought for the reward of singing Hail State in the end zone as the Famous Maroon Band played the fight song. […]