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Digital Learning in Texas

Yesterday, Texas Senate Bill 1298 was voted out of the Senate Committee on Education and will move to the full Senate for consideration. If implemented, the policies this bill creates would be a huge step forward in advancing course choice and the customization of public education for Texas students.

Tony Bennett Discusses Common Core Standards

Florida Commissioner of Education and Chiefs for Change member, Dr. Tony Bennett discusses the Common Core State Standards with StateImpact Florida.

Thank Goodness for Mississippi

If I had a nickel for every time someone said, “thank goodness for Mississippi” when some national ranking came out and their state wasn’t dead last, I would be as rich as Oprah Winfrey (who, by the way, is from Mississippi.)

Vincit Omnia Veritas: Common Core Supporters Win with the Facts

Make sure to stop by National Review Online to read the opinion piece from Kathleen Porter-Magee of the Thomas B. Fordham Institute and the Manhattan Institute’s Sol Stern on how critics of Common Core State Standards keep missing the mark. When it comes to America’s children and the future of our nation, they know, like we do, that there is just no substitute for the facts.

Big Day in Mississippi

Years from now, the 2013 Mississippi Legislative Session will be remembered for transforming education in the Magnolia State. The magnitude of what lawmakers in Jackson have accomplished cannot be overlooked.

What does a customized education look like for a special needs child?

Amazing video on a beneficiary of an Arizona Empowerment Account getting the help he needs through the ESA program: Florida’s McKay Scholarship program should broaden the allowable uses for funds along the ESA model in order to get more students a customized education.  

K-3 Reading Policies Should Not Stop at Identifying a Problem

However, simply identifying the issue is only half the battle. The other half is actually developing and implementing a strategy to appropriately address the issue. Imagine your child being diagnosed with strep throat and instead of prescribing an antibiotic your doctor decided to just have your child tested again a month later, hoping the infection would somehow clear up on its own.

Moving Texas Transparency to Grade A

Florida lawmakers under former governor Jeb Bush instituted a sweeping suite of education reforms beginning in 1999 that today is known as “the Florida cocktail.” The reforms included the expansion of parental choice, providing financial incentives for academic improvement and rigorous coursework and a strong focus on early literacy acquisition. Governor Bush put transparency at […]

Why we need Common Core: I choose ‘C’

This video illustrating why we need Common Core hits the ball out of the park! It emphasizes the critical need for kids to DO the thinking and work, why’ll calling out school systems who think teaching test-taking “tricks” will improve student achievement and prepare our students for future success.

Rhode Island Adults Embrace Flawed Student Logic

The question is whether we want to prepare students for the real world – one full of consequences, deadlines, and expectations – or the world of perpetual adolescence where the best method of facing your challenges is forming a union to complain.