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It’s time to break some records

Something tells me we’d laugh if we went to Rio in 2016 and the high jumpers were jumping over the original record height of 1.81 meters from the first modern Olympics in 1896.

Education Reforms Lead to Significant Gains Among New Mexico Minority Students

The commitment to help every child learn is paying off. This year, New Mexico is proving what we know to be true: students, teachers and schools rise to the expectations set before them.

Education Reform, High Standards and American Exceptionalism

Conservatives have always been champions of high standards and American Exceptionalism.

Did FL Legislators Make the Grade?

Education reform is not a turn-key operation. You don’t pass legislation, congratulate yourself on a job well done, and walk away.

Stronger Standards for a Stronger Country

Our education system has stagnated for too long, holding on to the standards of an outdated economy.

Might be summer, but education leaders aren’t resting

As we enter the summer months, education leaders aren’t resting. Local districts are preparing for—and welcoming—more challenging academic standards for students.

The one where we fact check

All children deserve to have a system that sets them up for success in life. Americans support their education system at a globally high level but do not receive globally competitive results in return.


Despite a still-recovering economy, in one industry alone, there are hundreds of thousands of open, good-wage jobs employers want to fill, but can’t because of a dramatic shortage of qualified candidates.

High Academic Standards Critical Today for Jobs of Tomorrow

As the movement to raise academic standards gains momentum in states across the nation, take a moment to read the latest on what people are really saying about this initiative.

Chubb and Clark Examine State Achievement Gap

Some states are serious, others Shirley when it comes to education reform.

John Chubb and Constance Clark have a very interesting new study out from Education Sector called The New State Achievement Gap: How NCLB Waivers Could Make it Worse or Better.