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Louisiana’s Compass Provides the Direction Teachers Need to Move Forward

So, if 99 percent of teachers in Louisiana were considered effective, why did more than one-third of eighth graders in the state score below basic in math?

Want to Be a Rock Star? Join the Education Movement!

A career in education provides the chance to truly make a difference in the lives of others and the future of our nation.

Higher Standards: Yielding a Higher Return on Our Investment

Wrongly tying these new, higher state-led standards to the Obama Administration undermines governors, education leaders and other elected state officials and the work they have so diligently advanced.

The Biggest Pet Peeve

Y’all are getting schooled by 2nd graders.

Transforming Education = Protecting the American Dream

For 20 years ExcelinEd’s chairman, Governor Jeb Bush, has passionately advocated for policies that will center America’s education system around students.

Charter School Laws Continue to Advance

Bully for them, but surely that cannot be allowed to stand…

Governor Jeb Bush Delivers Education Reform Address to ALEC August 9, 2013

On Friday, August 9, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, Chairman of the Foundation for Excellence in Education addressed the American Legislative Exchange Council’s annual meeting, held last week in Chicago, Illinois. During his address, Governor Bush outlined his vision for a quality 21st century education system, including: Raising academic standards; Promoting literacy and ending social […]

Success = Rising Student Achievement

Individuals are quick to handicap news and recent happenings from a political perspective.

Tony, Florida and Indiana

Tony didn’t need the hassle. He took on these fights because they were the right ones.

US Census Bureau Projections and School Choice

This inspired me to look into U.S. Census Bureau projections regarding trends in school age population. What I found ought to be recognized in debates over school policy in Florida.