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Tests Aren’t the End of the Game

Without academic skills, everyday living is really hard. Baking a cake, writing a thank you note, verifying your bank account balance and scheduling appointments are tasks that require reading and math skills taught in school. In this piece on The 74, Timothy Daly reminds us that tests are not the end game, but a demonstration […]

#FactFriday: 12.5 Million Students Are Enrolled in Career and Technical Education

  Earlier this month, the Fordham Institute released How Aligned is Career and Technical Education to Local Labor Markets? This new report analyzes how well the career and technical education (CTE) courses students take align with national and local labor market demand. What Others Are Saying Many of the findings in the Fordham Institute’s report support ExcelinEd’s work […]

Utah Makes Dramatic Progress Implementing Next Generation Learning

Utah’s steady journey toward next generation learning took another step forward last month. The state announced the recipients of the Competency-Based Education Planning Grant program. Seven school districts and charter schools will form the first cohort of the state’s competitive competency-based learning pilot program—and will have the chance to apply for an additional $2 million dollars lawmakers appropriated this […]

#AskExcelinEd: How can Fordham’s new report help states improve the alignment of CTE programs?

  Earlier this month, the Fordham Institute released How Aligned is Career and Technical Education to Local Labor Markets? This new report analyzes how well the career and technical education (CTE) courses students take align with national and local labor market demand. Many of the report’s findings and takeaways support ExcelinEd’s work in the CTE […]

#FactFriday: Students in urban public charter schools learn more in less time

Charter schools offer high-quality public school options for students. To learn more about how public charter schools are meeting the unique needs of individual students, families and communities, visit our Public Charter Schools policy page. What Others Are Saying According to a Florida Department of Education report released last month, Florida charter school students have higher […]

#AskExcelinEd: 4 Advantages of School Accountability

  Two decades of experience in Florida and A-F school grading adoption in 15 other states have positively impacted students with more educational opportunities—resulting in students who are better prepared for success in school, careers and life. Read on for insights into four advantages of A-F school grading. 1. Ensures Schools Are Striving for Excellence, […]

Put Students at the Center of Special Education Funding Proposals

  Just this year, lawmakers have introduced nearly 100 bills in 28 states to increase funding for special education students, according to The Education Commission of the States. And my home state of Arizona was one of them. As the mother of a child with a disability, I can attest to the need for more […]

ICYMI: Two Great Podcasts on Choice in Florida

ExcelinEd CEO Patricia Levesque recently joined Voices4Ed and Pundits on the Porch to discuss one of her favorite subjects: education choice in Florida! Voices4Ed: Should Public Dollars Go Towards Private School Choice? April 3, 2019 In this episode of Education Post’s Voices4Ed podcast, ExcelinEd CEO Patricia Levesque talks about the expansion of the Florida voucher […]

Changing Schools is Challenging for Military Children. School Choice Can Help.

Growing up as a military child, I attended five different schools in three states throughout my K-12 education.   I was fortunate to continue my education in the same school district throughout middle school and high school, but some of my peers were not that lucky. Living in a military community, many students moved every two years which is the typical length of a military assignment. The average military family with school-aged children moves […]

#FactFriday: 44.7M Students Have High-Speed Internet Access

  Of the 2.3 million U.S. students not yet connected to high-speed internet, 1.9 million are in just 62 school districts. Visit to learn how your state can upgrade internet access in every public school classroom to empower more students to take advantage of the promise of digital learning. What Others Are Saying “To provide students with […]