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#Fact Friday: Back to School with Choice

Believe it or not, nearly 25% of the U.S. population is enrolled in K-12 or postsecondary education – that’s 76.4 million people! Of that, 56.6 million are enrolled in a K-12 public or private school and approximately 1.7 million are homeschool students.   And this year, thanks to courageous families and policymakers, more students than ever are going back to school with choice. From public school choice options such as […]

#AskExcelinEd: Back to School (Choice) 101

Thanks to determined families and courageous policymakers, more families than ever are going back to school this year with the ability to choose the educational setting that best fits their child’s needs. And, thanks to the just-released 2019 Education Next Poll, we also know support for educational choice is at a record high! Nationwide support […]

#FactFriday: Today is the Last Day for #EIE19 Early Registration!

Consistently ranked as a can’t miss education conference, the National Summit is the place to connect and engage with 1,000 other fellow education reformers, policymakers and leaders in the education space. Time is running out to reserve your spot and take advantage of early registration rates! Register for #EIE19 What Others are Saying

#AskExcelinEd: How Can States Make Students the Center of School Funding?

As another school year begins across the country, states can consider how they can make students the center of their school funding systems and drive improved outcomes and greater equity. 3 Ways to Put Students at the Center of Education Funding 1. State Level Student-Centered Funding First, states can ensure that the funding that goes […]

#EIE19 Early Registration Ends Friday!

Join Governor Jeb Bush and ExcelinEd for the 12th annual National Summit on Education Reform on November 20-21 in San Diego, CA. Reserve your spot to take advantage of early registration rates!   Keynote Speakers This year’s exceptional lineup of speakers and sessions will inspire and empower attendees to build a brighter future for our nation’s families. Johnathan […]

#FactFriday: More than a dozen best-selling authors have given keynote addresses at the National Summit on Education Reform

We’re celebrating National Book Lovers’ Day! Over the years, more than a dozen best-selling authors have taken the stage at the National Summit on Education Reform to share their forward-thinking ideas on how to transform education for the 21st century. This year, we’re excited to announce award-winning authors Dr. Jonathan Haidt  and Dr. Todd Rose will […]

Calling all bookworms: It’s National Book Lover’s Day!

The smooth feel of 50# offset paper, the appearance of Garamond typeface, the flicking sound of turning pages and the smell of your steaming venti decaf non-fat latte creates the perfect start to an unofficial holiday, National Book Lover’s Day.  Johannes Gutenberg made the love of books possible for the masses in 1440 with the invention of movable type […]

Don’t miss these powerful speakers at #EIE19

Each year, the National Summit on Education Reform’s keynotes and general sessions never fail to inspire, engage and empower attendees with the strength of spirit needed for making a difference for students. Here are a few previews of what’s in store for you at our 12th annual convening: 65th  Anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education: This landmark Supreme Court decision changed the course of education […]

Private Schools Are Ready to Serve Low- and Middle Income Students

Students from all socioeconomic backgrounds deserve to have access to an education that best fits their needs. In many cases, a private school option may be the right one. However, trends in enrollment and private school tuition suggest it is becoming more difficult for students from middle- and low-income backgrounds to access private schooling options. […]

#AskExcelinEd: What are 5 Back to School Conversation Starters?

Here’s an embarrassing confession. I did not know what engineers actually do until my 3rd year of college. No, I wasn’t a student who fell through the cracks. I did well in math and science and had ongoing support from my family, teachers and school counselors. I even went to a university with a world-renowned engineering program. Yet for some reason I believed engineering was an endless series of problem sets that nerdy men completed in dark cubicles. I had no idea that engineering is about creatively using math, science and teamwork to solve problems that improve […]