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#AskExcelinEd: How does Florida compare on the 2017 NAEP?

Last week, the release of the 2017 National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) showed mixed results nationally, with strong improvements in states—like Florida—that are embracing and faithfully implementing student-centered policies.  This week’s #AskExcelinEd brings you an in-depth analysis on Florida’s performance—including awesome news on subgroup performance. Thanks to Dr. Christy Hovanetz, ExcelinEd’s Senior Policy Fellow, […]

Searching for the Best Educational Fit for My Son

Growing up in New York City, all the choices were made for us regarding my son‘s schooling. He was diagnosed with pervasive developmental disorder at 18 months and by three he had been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. In New York, preschool, therapies and kindergartens were chosen for us. I was told that if I […]

#AskExcelinEd: 2017 NAEP results are finally out – what does the data tell us so far?

Yesterday, the National Assessment Governing Board released the 2017 National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) Reading and Mathematics in grades 4 and 8 showing mixed results nationally with strong improvements in states that are embracing and faithfully implementing student-centered policies. As Dr. Christy Hovanetz, ExcelinEd’s Senior Policy Fellow and Jim Hull, ExcelinEd’s Policy Impact Director […]

ESSA Update: Summary of Innovative Assessment Demonstration Authority

April 2, 2018 was the U.S. Department of Education’s deadline for applications for the innovative assessment pilot. We’re excited to dig into applications submitted by Louisiana, New Hampshire and Puerto Rico to test out new approaches to assessment. We expect the Department to offer states a second opportunity to apply in the next several years. […]

Some states approving, others rejecting, use of 529 savings plans for K-12 tuition

Earlier this year, we looked at how states were responding to the change in federal tax code that allowed the use of 529 savings plans for K-12 tuition. Originally, 529s were designed to incentivize saving for college by allowing after-tax contributions to 529s to grow free of federal income tax. The new federal tax code expands qualified higher education […]

Personalized Learning: Lessons to Get the Message Right

Interest in personalized learning continues to surge all across the country. However, not everyone understands what personalized learning looks like or the changes it will necessitate, and people are often wary of what they don’t understand. So how we talk about personalized learning can either engage families or push them away. Education Elements and ExcelinEd […]

#AskExcelinEd: How can a Course Access Policy help states advance educational equity?

In our final look at how states are advancing educational equity and offering all students quality learning opportunities, Senior Policy Analyst Erin Lockett shares how states can utilize a Course Access policy to achieve educational equity for all students.  The final promising practice in CCSSO’s States Leading for Equity is Empower Student Options: Ensure Families Have […]

Thanks to the Ohio Autism Scholarship, Our Son Receives Therapies Needed to Succeed in the Classroom

Education is not a one-size-fits-all model. Some students need additional resources or different pathways to reach the goal of a quality education. Our son, Paul, who is in preschool, was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. At three years old, his communication skills were extremely limited, but he was aging out of our county’s early intervention […]

#AskExcelinEd: What does ESSA require with respect to accountability for student subgroups?

As we continue to explore how states are advancing educational equity to offer students quality learning opportunities, National Director of Policy Claire Voorhees, shares how state accountability systems under ESSA can help identify the needs of all students. In States Leading for Equity, CCSSO and The Aspen Institute called for “measure[ing] what matters” and “creat[ing] accountability […]

Charter Schools and the American Experience

Last week, the Louisiana Supreme Court ruled that state-authorized charter schools are, in fact, public schools and are owed public funds raised for public school students. After four years of legal back-and-forth, 16,000 students in more than 40 Louisiana schools can rest assured that the education at their school of choice will be funded for […]

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