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#FactFriday: Florida’s 2018-19 Graduation Rate Climbs to 86.9 Percent

Florida’s families and educators can be proud that more students are graduating from high school. Since 2008-09, the percentage of students graduating has gone from 65 percent to nearly 90 percent. Statewide highlights of Florida’s 2018-19 graduation rate include*:  Black or African American students’ graduation rate increased to 81.5 percent in 2018-19, a rise of 0.6 […]

#AskExcelinEd: How could Espinoza v. Montana Department of Revenue impact education?

In late 2019, we defined Blaine Amendments and explained how states differ in their interpretations of these amendments, which prevent government money from flowing to faith-based institutions. Next week the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) will hear oral arguments in Espinoza v. Montana Department of Revenue, which questions the constitutionality of so-called “Blaine […]

#FactFriday: 3 policy areas can help states address charter school facility needs

Lack of access to affordable facilities is one of the most critical issues facing charter schools across the country. This reality can stifle the growth of existing charter schools and limit the expansion of new quality public school options for our nation’s families. Learn how your state can use a combination of tools to fully […]

#AskExcelinEd: How can states promote mastery-based systems in a seat-time-centric world?

Time-based systems, also known as “seat-time” requirement systems, still form the basis of today’s traditional schools. The prevailing assumption has been that state policies for seat-time requirements constrict schools and hinder attempts to innovate. However, far more flexibility exists than originally thought.   Furthermore, a 2019 report by ExcelinEd’s notes that 33 states and Washington, D.C., have […]

#FactFriday: State-driven, student-centered policies are needed to transform education for today’s students

Changing policy, changes lives. This is why ExcelinEd advances a broad range of student-centered policy solutions that are increasing student learning, advancing equity and readying graduates for college and career. Visit to learn how we can support leaders in your state to transform education for all children in 2020. What Others Are Saying .@ExcelinEd addresses three […]

#AskExcelinEd: Looking Ahead to 2020

Happy New Year! I hope this holiday season is bringing you and your family much joy and happiness. As we close the door on a fruitful year and look ahead to 2020, I want you to know how grateful ExcelinEd is for all you have achieved for students in 2019 in states across the nation. […]

#FactFriday: ExcelinEd has 200+ resources to help you transform education in 2020

As we launch into 2020, visit to take a look at ExcelinEd’s 200+ resources on education quality, opportunity and innovation. Use, bookmark and share these resources to transform education for children in your state. We look forward to sharing even more with you in the New Year! What Others Are Saying To understand why kids […]

#FactFriday: Saturday will be the shortest day of the year!

Tomorrow is the 2019 winter solstice for the Northern Hemisphere. This astronomical event marks the official beginning of winter (though we may have broken out our winter coats already) and heralds the shortest day of the year. If you’re looking for something to do with the extended nighttime hours that doesn’t involve gift-wrapping presents, we […]

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

The best gifts are the gifts that we continue to use for years to come. Ohio high school students received one of those perfect gifts in the form of a $34 million legislative allocation over the next two years to increase the number of students earning in-demand, industry-recognized credentials through the state’s new Innovative Workforce […]

I am dreaming…of Summer Learning!

Winter makes its appearance this Saturday, and I am already dreaming of the longer and warmer days of summer that lie ahead. As we all take a break over the next few weeks, I wanted to leave 2019 with some parting thoughts on how states can fix a hidden opportunity gap—summertime learning accounts for low-income […]