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Our Approach

At ExcelinEd, we focus on education equity and quality—both inside and outside of the traditional public education system. Through customized support for state policymakers, reformers, educators, parents and communities, we are cultivating policy conditions to advance student-centered education systems, state by state.

Our Policies

To achieve a high-quality, student-centered education system, ExcelinEd emphasizes a comprehensive reform agenda that, when aggressively pursued, results in a measurable, objective rise in student learning.

Since there is no single policy solution that can turn around America’s schools, ExcelinEd advances a broad range of proven and leading edge policies, the core pillars of which are school accountability, early literacy and equitable funding. These foundational policies are proven pathways to improving student achievement. They also create stability for advancing disruptions and innovations—such as educational opportunity, personalized learning, college and career pathways and course access—that can increase access to a quality education for all students, individualize
learning and prepare students for success beyond the K-12 environment.


  • Charter Schools
  • Public School Choice
  • Education Scholarship Accounts
  • Tax Credit Scholarships
  • Vouchers


  • College & Career Pathways
  • Course Access
  • Personalized Learning


  • Early Literacy
  • Education Funding Reform
  • ESSA
  • School Accountability
  • School & Student Reporting
  • Standards & Assessments