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Education Funding Reform

Putting Dollars Where They Matter

A reform that prioritizes each student’s learning by funding education in a way that is equitable, transparent and promotes local empowerment and choice.


The way states fund student education can support forward-looking solutions or thwart progress with archaic and obsolete constraints. In many states, outdated funding formulas force districts to focus on inputs rather than the unique needs of each child. On the other hand, student-centered funding formulas are fair, transparent and promote local empowerment and choice.

ExcelinEd Priorities

ExcelinEd supports student-centered funding that prioritizes each child’s learning, where all students receive base funding—with additional amounts depending on student characteristics—and spending follows the child.

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Policy Resources

2017 Engagement

Through May 2017, ExcelinEd has engaged in 12 states and passed or improved policies in five states on Education Funding Reform.