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Statement by Governor Jeb Bush, Foundation for Excellence in Education Chairman, on New York Lawsuit to End Teacher Tenure

  • Effective Teachers and Leaders

    Effective Teachers and Leaders

    We need to recruit teachers from all professions, and recognize and reward the effective ones. The Foundation supports ending tenure, the implementation of data-based evaluations and compensation, and alternative paths to certification/licensure.

TALLAHASSEE – Today, Jeb Bush, former governor of Florida and chairman of the Foundation for Excellence in Education (ExcelinEd) released the following statement on the courageous decision by seven New York families to file a lawsuit today that would end teacher tenure in New York State and uphold their right to effective classroom teachers.
“There will be no equality in education until we transition to a system that prioritizes academic achievement for children over job security for adults. Teachers have a tremendous impact on the lives of students, particularly the most disadvantaged. When ineffective teachers are allowed to remain in the classroom because of union protections and antiquated laws, it is not only a disservice to students but also to the many wonderful teachers dedicated to excellence in education.
“The effort to end this injustice now moves to New York, where seven families are following in the footsteps of their California peers by demanding access to high quality teachers. I admire their courage in this historic undertaking, and have the deepest appreciation for Campbell Brown in assisting them. Ultimately, I am hopeful that a growing consensus for reform policies that reward and incentivize quality teaching will make the need to seek judicial relief unnecessary in the future.”