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Chiefs for Change Statement on Louisiana’s Bold Education Reforms

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    Effective Teachers and Leaders

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    School Choice

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Governor Jindal Signs Student-Centered Reform Policies into Law

Washington, DC – Today, Chiefs for Change, an organization of chief state education officers committed to putting children first through visionary education reform, congratulated Louisiana for its student-centered reforms.

“These student-centered reforms will completely transform Louisiana and its students,” said Dr. Tony Bennett, Chairman of Chiefs for Change and Indiana Superintendent of Public Instruction. “Students will no longer have to settle for failing schools. Countless families will be able to select the best education option for their unique student’s needs. And superintendents and principals will be empowered to hone faculties of talented, dynamic, and effective educators. Armed with these bold reforms, Louisiana will soon lead our country in quality public K-12 education.”

“Louisiana is the first state in the nation to move public education towards a marketplace approach, where parents and students are able to choose from effective, quality education providers and the dollars follow the student,” said Paul Pastorek, Member Emeritus of Chiefs for Change and Former Louisiana State Superintendent of Education. “The nation will be watching as Louisiana continues to transform traditional education rules and lead its students towards untold achievement.”

Signed by Governor Jindal today, the bills will:

  • Expand Louisiana’s voucher program, allowing more students in academically struggling schools to use vouchers to attend private schools
  • Empower superintendents and principals to make hiring and personnel decisions
  • Give superintendents the freedom to pay teachers in high-demand areas based on performance
  • End the damaging practice of last in, first out (LIFO)
  • Create a parent trigger, empowering parents of students’ in low-performing schools
  • Enable the state board of education to approve new charter authorizers