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Give a Gold Star

#GiveAGoldStar Social Media

Excellence in Education is taking place everywhere. Let’s share it!

We’re taking those little gold star stickers to the next level. Do you know a person or a school deserving a little public recognition? Schools, principals, teachers, students…they are doing great things every day of the year worth celebrating. Help us #GiveAGoldStar to those working hard in and outside of classrooms, instilling a love of learning, going the extra mile, getting creative to help students learn and taking kids further. With your help, we can help celebrate the education achievements and improvements being made.

How to Give a Gold Star:

  • Share this graphic with your recipient via social media, using the hashtag #GiveAGoldStar in your description of why they are the bee’s knees. (Simply save the image and post to your own channels.)
  • Print this page and jot down the recipient – it’s an award! Then snap a pic and post it with your message about why you wanted to #GiveAGoldStar to this rock star. (Then mail that puppy to the honoree so they can enjoy it!)
  • Receive a Gold Star: #GiveAGoldStar. Encourage recipients to pay it forward.

#GiveAGoldStar Tweets

Education Stars: