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Course Access

Course Access: Expanding Access and Equity


A technology-driven choice initiative that allows K-12 students to access quality courses regardless of location.

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Course Access reimagines what is possible in public school education by creating choices for students and parents to select from a wide range of courses from approved providers. It puts decision making power into the hands of families to customize an education that meets a diversity of dreams and ambitions. Watch ExcelinEd’s new video series highlighting the benefits of course access programs:

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Leading in an Era of Change

On the Ground profiles 10 districts and charters in seven states utilizing Course Access or Course Access-like strategies to maximize the use of resources, better serve students and ensure districts are evolving with the needs of the 21st century student. Students take language courses from local universities, earn industry certification for workforce training and stay on course for graduation, even while pursuing time-intensive athletic or artistic activities. Taking place in small and large districts, rural and suburban, these cost-effective strategies harness technology to strengthen districts and offer new opportunities for students.

2015 Course Access White Paper

Expanding Access and Equity

Access to a high-quality education no longer needs to depend on location. ExcelinEd promotes Course Access to connect students – wherever they may live – with a wide variety of quality resources, instructors and courses. Course Access uses technology and innovative policy to offer a catalog of courses to students statewide. Families can select the best courses for their children from an online catalog of in-person, online and blended courses. From Advanced Placement to STEM and music courses, states can use Course Access to engage students like never before by offering their preferred courses in their preferred formats from effective, qualified teachers.

Among high schools that serve large percentages of
African-American and Latino students:
1 in 3 don't offer chemistry. 1 in 4 don't offer Algebra II.

Real Results

In Louisiana, students have been using the state’s Course Access program since 2013. From Advanced Placement courses to career and technical education, students can choose from a simple online catalog of in-person, online and blended courses.


Course Access Real Results

Ken Bradford on Course Access


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