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The Magic of Turning a Page

Guest blog by Rian Meadows of Tallahassee, Fla. It is Celebrate Literacy Week, Florida! Each year, we dedicate seven days to recognizing and encouraging the journey of literacy for Florida’s children. Reading opens up a world of thoughts and experiences. It introduces us to new people and places – past, present and even future. The […]

Teachers, Students and Politicians Unite for Nation’s Largest School Choice Celebration

Last Friday, I was privileged to attend the official launch of National School Choice Week at the historic Florida Theatre in Jacksonville, Fla. Along with a capacity crowd of 1,900 other students, parents, teachers, community leaders and education advocates, we kicked off what is certain to be the largest celebration of school choice in history. […]

A-F School Grades Inform and Engage

The National Education Policy Center has issued a report on the use of A-F letter grades in school accountability systems. As expected, given its close affiliation with teachers unions and its opposition to education reforms in general, the NEPC was critical. “Expressing school quality via a single composite grade is flawed,” the report says. But interestingly enough, the NEPC says nothing about states expressing school quality through a single, composite label. For example, many states classify schools with confusing terms such as Distinguished, Academic Watch or Priority.

New Hope for Simon’s Future

Before the PLSA program, I felt extremely limited in the resources I could offer my child. We are a one-income family and there is not much left to go around for books and expensive curriculum, not to mention a computer or an iPad. Now, with the flexibility a PLSA allows, I am so hopeful for Simon’s future.

Setting the Record Straight

We believe states should embrace a variety of education choices, expand those that advance student achievement and weed out those that do not.

It is our hope that one day naysayers will put aside rhetoric, embrace a student-centered education system and engage in an education transformation that will provide America’s students the quality education they deserve.

In Case You Missed It: Senator Nancy Collins calls for customized education for special needs students in Mississippi at #EIE14

“The injustice that was caused should not be forgotten.” At ExcelinEd’s 2014 National Summit on Education Reform, Senator Nancy Collins stressed the critical need for educational options for special needs students in Mississippi. During the Summit, Senator Collins shared a story about Ericka, a deaf and blind Mississippi student who spent 15 years in the public school system […]

The Futures of My Daughters Are Too Precious to Waste

If you knew your local public school had no intention of meeting the needs of your child, what would you do? When I had this realization, I decided to advocate for change. Not just at the local level, but state-wide change.

The Right Mix of Autonomy and Accountability for School Choice Programs

One question has preoccupied the school choice community for many years. What is the best way – if any – to measure student learning in choice programs?

Don’t let a piece of paper place children in an educational box

Don’t let a piece of paper place children in an educational box based on their diagnosis. As more families access PLSAs, I know more will see that all children can succeed if we are able to think outside the box and create an education that truly fits the needs of each unique child.

Mississippi Mother: “I was not going to let my sons become yet another tragic statistic”

The benefits of this new school are significant, but so is the financial burden for the school’s tuition. Unfortunately the cost of a custom-made education is not an option for every parent, yet the prospect of a 23 percent chance at graduation is not an option either.

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