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Does K-3 reading matter? Ask the 70% of inmates who can’t read.

Life is unforgiving for children who can’t read. This is why K-3 reading matters so much.

‘The Voice’ and School Choice: One young singer is thriving thanks to education options

Shalyah Fearing, 16, is competing on the hit TV show ‘The Voice.’ Florida’s school choice options make it possible for her to pursue music while completing her education.

A dream put on hold returns to life

An epic battle took place on The Voice stage a couple weeks ago. The contenders were similar in style and sound. But different in age, and different in opportunity.

Cake-covered smiles

Hearing those words–Down syndrome–just minutes after her birth threw me into a tailspin. The doctor went through a litany of things our daughter would never do in her life. But she never told us about cake-covered smiles.

Reimagine Prep Charter School providing opportunity to Mississippi scholars

In August, Reimagine Prep opened in Jackson as Mississippi’s first charter school, and from the moment you walk in, you can sense that everyone is bustling with purpose. The school’s mission is straightforward: to prepare each student for college.

The Truth about Reading

Kids who can’t read proficiently in third grade are four times more likely to dropout or fail to graduate from high school.

Student learning soars in Florida school embracing high standards and testing

“I like accountability, and it’s why I made the jump,” said 25-year educator Tracey Hertzog. “Test data helps me understand my students’ thinking, and it drives my instruction. I’ve seen struggling students make a complete turnaround because of it.”

Uncle Sam’s Sketchy Finances and the Future of Georgia

In the coming years, Georgia will see a rise in the percentages of elderly and youth populations. The changing age demography is going to have a direct impact on Georgia’s state budget and an indirect one through federal finances.

#ProficiencyMatters for the kids in your life

Does your state have high expectations for student learning? The answer to this question could shape the future of the children in your life—your son or daughter, your niece or the kid next door.

South Carolina Can Survive and Thrive Through Hurricane Gray

There is a serious storm on South Carolina’s horizon. In order to secure a brighter future for all citizens, the state must take action now.

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