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Reform Agenda

There is no “Silver Bullet” that will change the course of American schools. The Foundation believes in a comprehensive reform agenda to create a high-quality, student-centered education system. As states across the nation refocus education systems on student learning, children from all backgrounds are flourishing. Read how Florida’s Formula for Student Achievement is transforming education in the Sunshine State.

Digital Learning

Technology can revolutionize education and help ensure no student is bored or left behind. The Foundation supports the use of technology to offer students access to a high-quality, customized education and empower teachers to help their students succeed.

K-3 Reading

Children who are not proficient readers by fourth grade face bleak futures. The Foundation supports performance-based promotion and rigorous interventions, beginning in kindergarten, but particularly for third-grade students who can’t read.

School Choice

Families need the financial freedom to attend schools that meet their needs. The Foundation supports policies that empower families to choose a public, charter, private, virtual or home school.

Standards and Accountability

Students and schools must be held to high academic standards, with their progress measured and results reported in simple, transparent formats. The Foundation supports standardized measurement of student learning, including annual comprehensive end-of-course assessments in elementary, middle and high school, as well as grading schools on an A-F scale – just like students.

College and Career Readiness

Rigorous academic standards, such as the Common Core State Standards, will prepare students for college and careers. The Foundation supports policies that set high academic standards and provide rigorous preparatory courses and dual-enrollment options for students.

Effective Teachers and Leaders

We need to recruit teachers from all professions, and recognize and reward the effective ones. The Foundation supports ending tenure, the implementation of data-based evaluations and compensation, and alternative paths to certification/licensure.

Outcome-Based Funding

Spending more on education only works when the money targets strategies and programs proven to produce results. The Foundation supports policies that incentivize achievement, invest in proven policies, and recognize and reward student learning instead of just seat-time.