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About Us

In the past 15 years, school reform has grown from a small, conservative movement to a bi-partisan, national priority.

Many organizations now play a key role in furthering reform. Some promote individual policies, such as school choice. Others create a demand for change through public awareness.

Launched by former Governor Jeb Bush in 2008, the Foundation for Excellence in Education’s (ExcelinEd) unique contribution is working with decision makers on developing and implementing reform policies. We are a hands-on, how-to organization that provides model legislation, rule-making expertise, implementation strategies, and public outreach. Our staff has years of experience working with state and local governments, legislative bodies, in the classroom, and with the media.

This website supports our mission. We are building a one-stop shop for those working to reform education. It includes a depository of policies from all 50 states, model legislation, research papers, academic data, and media reports. This site will be a constant work in progress as we continually update our content with the latest in education reform.

The following list briefly describes our current content areas:

  • Who We Are: An overview of what we do, what we believe and why we exist.
  • Mission & History: An introduction to our mission and our history.
  • Reform Agenda: The policies the Foundation advocates for to transform American education to a high-quality, student-centered system.
  • State of Reform:  A breakdown of reforms passed by each state. Users can select reforms from other states they would like to adopt, and store them in a personalized “Reformer Toolbox.”
  • Policy Library:  A depository for model legislation, academic research, reports, videos and position papers. We also include short profiles of the nation’s leading reformers.
  • Reformer Toolbox: A personalized toolbox to help you set up your own legislative agenda that you can add to with resources to aid policy development, advocacy and implementation.
  • Newsroom: The latest in education and reform news from around the country from our EdFlyBlog and EdFly web sites, as well as Foundation announcements and news.
  • Student Achievement: A simple and quick way to compare academic progress in the states, using test scores from the National Assessment of Education Progress (NAEP).