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New Resource to Develop Leaders for Personalized Learning

One of the first questions schools face when they begin transitioning to personalized learning is: “What kind of support will the school leaders and educators need to make this transition successful?” Leadership Competencies for Learner-Centered Personalized Education helps answer this question. This new resource offers a first step in identifying the knowledge and skills leaders must master to develop learner-centered, personalized learning.

This resource was developed by the Council of Chief State School Officers and Jobs for the Future’s Students at the Center with support from the Nellie Mae Education Foundation, and it follows the release of Educator Competencies for Personalized, Learner-Centered Teaching.

Momentum is building for personalized learning across the country, and we are still learning what resources successful implementation and scale will necessitate. What we do know is that the shift from our current, standardized and time-based system to one that is personalized and mastery-based is comprehensive and affects all aspects of a school. Educators and school leaders will require support to acquire the necessary skills to develop and fully implement a student-centered environment.

We hope states and schools find these resources helpful, and that they will spark important conversations about how to adequately prepare school staff for new innovative education models.

For additional information on personalized learning, please visit ExcelinEd’s policy library.