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VIDEOS: Competency-Based Education Engaging Students & Personalizing Learning

  • Digital Learning

    Digital Learning

    Technology can revolutionize education and help ensure no student is bored or left behind. The Foundation supports the use of technology to offer students access to a high-quality, customized education and empower teachers to help their students succeed.

You likely wouldn’t build a home if it’s foundation was only 80 percent complete. That missing 20 percent would compromise the integrity of the entire structure.

So, why do we advance students to more challenging topics when we know they haven’t mastered the basics? An 80 percent on a test might not sound that bad, but it indicates the student is missing core concepts. Diplomas and credits based on seat time & barely-passing grades send false signals about students’ mastery of concept.

Competency-based education holds the key to revolutionizing education and empowering students by building a foundation for personalized learning. Watch the two videos below to learn what competency-based education looks like and why it’s so important for our nation’s students.

Competency-Based Education: Building a Foundation for Personalized Learning

Competency-Based Education: Engaging Students and Personalizing Learning

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