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“No longer is the debate about whether we need educational choice. Today the conversation is about how much choice.” Betsy DeVos | Chairman of The Windquest Group and the American Federation for Children STATE ACTIONS REAL RESULTS In 2014, ExcelinEd worked in 17 states on Education Savings Accounts. In Arizona, where the ESA program originated, parents shared what they thought of the program. • Passed Policy: Florida • Strengthened Policy: Arizona • Guided Implementation: Arizona, Florida • Supported States: Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Georgia, Indiana, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Nevada, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah 71% very satisfied. 19% satisfied. 10% somewhat satisfied. 0 neutral or negative opinions “These scholarships empower moms and dads of students with disabilities with the flexibility to create education plans custom-made for their children — plans to help these unique boys and girls succeed in school and in everyday life. PLSAs will be life-changing for my family and potentially thousands of others in our state.” Julie Kleffel | Florida mother of a special needs student using a Personal Learning Scholarship Account (Florida’s ESA program) Success is never final. Reform is never finished. 15