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Testing Allows Students to Showcase their Knowledge

The EdFly Blog

  • College and Career Pathways

    College and Career Pathways

    Rigorous academic standards, such as the Common Core State Standards, will prepare students for college and careers. The Foundation supports policies that set high academic standards and provide rigorous preparatory courses and dual-enrollment options for students.
  • Standards and Accountability

    Standards and Accountability

    Students and schools must be held to high academic standards, with their progress measured and results reported in simple, transparent formats. The Foundation supports standardized measurement of student learning, including annual comprehensive end-of-course assessments in elementary, middle and high school, as well as grading schools on an A-F scale – just like students.

Every day, hard-working teachers and parents push and inspire students to gain the skills and knowledge needed for life beyond the school walls. Teachers constantly monitor their students’ progress along their educational journey and push them to reach beyond their comfort zone.  And parents play a critical role in ensuring their children thrive inside—and outside—the classroom.

As the 2013-2014 school year heads into its final stretch, teachers are continuing to push their students forward, ensuring they meet academic standards. In addition to the assessments teachers perform throughout the year—formally and informally—states gauge student success through annual assessments, measuring student knowledge and skills against state academic standards. This cannot be done alone. It takes the support of passionate parents to stand by our educators as they raise the bar for our kids.

While the word “test” may invoke stress or nervousness to some, they should be nothing to fear. Assessments such as these are designed to allow students to showcase their knowledge and demonstrate how far they have come over the past year.

Testing is a part of life. Doctors, nurses, teachers, mechanics, and airline pilots all had to pass tests to succeed—and each time we board an airplane, we’re thankful those tests exist. That’s why being able to learn and absorb information and then reflect that knowledge on a test is so important, no matter what career path you choose.

As in sports or in life, testing in schools can be challenging. But when students work hard, are pushed, and are presented with opportunities, they consistently rise to the challenge. We have historically seen that when ask more of students, they will rise to meet it.

Still, there are ways students can properly prepare to reduce stress. Click here to read some tips for students to feel confident and ready to show off what they know. After all, students and teachers have been hard at work all year, and now is the time for students across America to shine.

Testing Infographic 1

Testing Infographic 2

Testing Tip Sources:
Study Guides and Strategies:
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One response to “Testing Allows Students to Showcase their Knowledge”

  1. CCProf says:

    What kind of testing are we talking about? The tests that people, like me, are objecting to are standardized tests. And, people aren’t objecting to all standardized tests, they are commonly, like me, objecting to our obsession with them and our overuse of them.

    I have no problem with the education I received in the 1970’s and 1980’s, and there were the occasional standardized tests. However, there were also a lot of essay tests, practical lab tests, math tests without calculators or multiple choice, essay assignments, etc.

    I have no problem with testing like that that gives students and parents feedback and requires students to explain, describe, analyze, manipulate, create, etc.

    But I do have a problem with standardized tests given over and over and over without any real feedback or any real challenge to the students. The gifted children ace these tests over and over, but learn nothing. The bad students fail them over and over,but learn nothing. The mediocre students come out int he middle, but learn nothing.

    Here’s my idea. Let’s cut back on standardized testing to a minimum so that teachers and students can engage in real learning activities that require them to do more than fill in bubbles.

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