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Post on Diane Ravitch blog likens school choice to Nazi invasion

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Diane Ravitch has hit a new low in the hyperbole she allows on her blog site.

This was written about charter schools:

“But the privatizers declared war on our schools, our kids, our teachers, our parents and our taxpayers.

“We didn’t start this war, any more than Poland in 1939. But we must fight back. And ultimately, emerge victorious.

“And when you’re in a war, and you’re defending the lives of your community, unfortunately, nuance or thoughtful qualifications become luxuries we can no longer afford.”

This is Diane’s original post:

When I read it, I assumed she wrote it and I apologize for the mistake, which was mine alone and was quickly corrected. She has since clarified the post.

But seriously. Comparing school choice for parents with the Nazi invasion of Poland?

Is this really what you want to disseminate on your blog, and then write it off as free speech and historical analogies? We get inflammatory statements from people about school districts and teacher unions all the time. We certainly don’t post them, or allow them as comments.

Diane and her constituents don’t like school choice. But they can’t reconcile that with the fact that a lot of parents do. And so they have to to attack the charter supporters and operators as having all these evil motives.

If you want to blame someone for the expansion of charters, blame the parents. If parents pulled their kids out all charters tomorrow, there would be no charters.

Instead, more and more parents are going in the opposite direction.

But apparently they are incapable of making decisions for their children and need people like Diane to overrule them.

Now that’s a blog post I’d like to see her write.

About the author

Mike Thomas @MikeThomasTweet

Mike Thomas serves in the communications department, writing editorials and speeches. Prior to joining the Foundation, Mike worked for more than 30 years as a journalist with Florida Today and the Orlando Sentinel. He has written investigative projects, magazine feature stories, humor pieces, editorials and local columns. He won several state and national awards, and was named a finalist in the American Society of New Editors’ Distinguished Writing Award for Commentary/Column Writing in 2010. As a columnist for the Orlando Sentinel, he wrote extensively about education reform, becoming one of its chief advocates in the Florida media. Mike graduated from the University of Florida with degrees in political science and journalism. His wife is a teacher and he has two children in public schools. Contact Mike at

8 responses to “Post on Diane Ravitch blog likens school choice to Nazi invasion”

  1. Paul Thomas says:

    Mike: Please edit your post to clarify that Diane did NOT make that comment; it was a comment by a reader of her post that Diane included. It is clear at Diane’s blog as she includes “she writes.” Your disagreement would be much easier to consider if you were accurate.

  2. mikethomastweet says:

    Paul, I fixed the post and we have sent it out. This was my mistake.

  3. […] Mike Thomas reponds reflexively to anything education historian Diane Ravitch says. Today Thomas latched onto a recent post Ravitch made in her blog. Writes […]

  4. FC White says:

    Mr. Thomas: I’m the guy who wrote that post. Not Ms. Ravitch. I’m the author. I’d prefer we discuss this matter, in a civil way, offline. I’ll send you an email, following up on this. Thank you.

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