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Response to In The Public Interest

Recently a group called In the Public Interest made numerous allegations against the Foundation for Excellence in Education (ExcelinEd). These were based on e-mail exchanges that the group distorted and misinterpreted to advance its political agenda.

In the Public Interest is run by Donald Cohen, the former Political Director of the San Diego-Imperial Counties Labor Council, AFL-CIO. His priority is protecting union teaching jobs, and therefore protecting the status quo in public education.  He has written that reform is a “right wing attack’’ on teacher unions, even though the movement has become bi-partisan and includes, among its leaders, President Barack Obama.

As Malcolm Glenn from the American Federation for Children puts it: “The traditional party breakdowns on school choice, the ideological breakdowns, are a thing of the past.”

Apparently Mr. Cohen did not get the memo. We will be happy to address any specific questions about the Foundation e-mails because we always have been very open about what we do.

The focus of our time and advocacy is on advancing student achievement.

We have a broad reform agenda.  We believe in school choice.  We also believe in the public school system. Our staff has kids in public schools. They have taught in public schools. Gov. Jeb Bush has visited countless public schools in the 20 years he has devoted to improving education. Where we part company with Mr. Cohen’s constituency is that we simply do not believe unaccountable monopolies best serve the interests of our children. We do not think school choice should be limited to affluent parents who can afford private school tuition or neighborhoods with high-performing schools.

A very long history shows the result is neglected low-income schools where children are allowed to fail, adults are not held responsible, and good teachers are incentivized to leave. This is why the U.S. Conference of Mayors, led by its Democratic members, unanimously endorsed parent-trigger laws to empower parents whose children are trapped in failing public schools.

It is why we are strong supporters of charter schools, incentive pay for teachers who take on challenging assignments, high academic standards, tests that accurately reflect those standards, and transparency for all schools. We believe transparency is best obtained through a simple A-F grading formula that reflects student progress and is easily understood by parents.

Charters are not a silver bullet but allow for creative new approaches in education, such as the blended-learning models that mix digital content and teacher interactions. Such innovations have had impressive results with low-income children. And we strongly believe these successes should be replicated across the country.

To quote from a proclamation issued by President Obama: “For years, charter schools have brought new ideas to the work of educating our sons and daughters, and during National Charter Schools Week, we recognize their role in strengthening American education.”

Rather than spending so much time and effort trying to block competition, we believe school districts and teacher unions should instead work to reform public school bureaucracies and outdated union policies so they can win the competition. It is our hope that Mr. Cohen might one day choose to put aside his rhetoric and accusations and engage in a substantive discussion of education reform. If so, we are available.